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GoEuro, a Great New App for Traveling this Summer

By this time, many of you are probably looking forward to taking a good vacation in your dream destination… But wait, I’m sure that you still haven’t planned your trip and are waiting to find the best destination, or to balance your dates. That is why we are going to introduce you to GoEuro .

The GoEuro app for iPhone allows us to search through more than 160 train and bus providers in Europe and airlines internationally. Not only that, but provides us with all kinds of information and functions: time comparison, journey prices, ticket booking and much more. Want to find out more about this app?

Plan your ideal trip with GoEuro

GoEuro, a Great New App for Traveling this Summer
GoEuro, a Great New App for Traveling this Summer

GoEuro is one of the most popular travel search engines in Europe, and now, with its iOS application, users will be able to benefit from its services and advantages from the iPhone, with the convenience that this brings.

Indeed, this is one of the most complete services in this category, but… how has the application been implemented on the iPhone? After using it and testing it for a few days we can safely say that has been a great adaptation: a very clean and concise interface design, absolute fluidity in navigation and some really useful functions when planning our holiday trips.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro talked about the launch of this useful new app:

GoEuro includes over 5,700 destinations in Spain and 33,000 in Europe . Without a doubt, one of the widest national coverage. Ideal for tourists and travellers in search of new adventures and unique destinations.

We loved the GoEuro app, first of all because it offers all services in one place, no more opening an application to choose a destination, another one to look for transportation and another one to book a plane ticket.

Download GoEuro

We are already planning ideas and choosing a transport for our summer vacation trip… and you? Try the app, it’s free!

Download: Android version. We haven’t tested the application on an Android device yet, so if you want to try it out for us, we’re waiting for your feedback!

How does it work?

With GoEuro, planning a trip is easy. The first thing to do is to select a place of origin or departure and a destination . The application will then ask for the date of departure (and return if necessary) and the number of passengers (adults, children and babies).

By clicking on the search button, all flights, trains and buses will be displayed along with their price and timetables. GoEuro will allow us to filter and compare the results according to their price, duration, departure time and number of stops.

Once we have selected the train, bus or plane, we can directly book the ticket from the same application , these ticket reservations are made in a totally secure way.

Have you tried the app yet? It’s AMAZING! At iPadizate we think it’s one of the best apps for planning our trips. We recommend it to you!