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Gmail for iOS can only notify us of important mail

Are you tired of receiving notifications by any type of mail including those of commercial promotions? This is something we hate from email managers, who sometimes get to a point where they are filled with emails that are useless to us, and always notify us of their receipt. In recent months we have seen how some applications like Spark have wanted to avoid this by only highlighting important emails. Now the Gmail app in iOS will adopt this same functionality, which we’re very happy about and we hope it will end up being implemented in the native Mail app, which you know is not my favorite.

The Gmail app for iOS will use artificial intelligence to determine which emails are important to us, thus giving us the ability to avoid being notified when other emails are received.

Gmail for iOS can only notify us of important mail
Gmail for iOS can only notify us of important mail

The explanation that Google gives us about this new functionality is the following:

Notifications are only useful if you have time to read them, and if you receive hundreds of notifications a day, chances are, they won’t. That’s why we’re introducing a feature that will alert you to important emails that arrive in your Gmail inbox, so you’ll know when your attention is really needed. These notifications take advantage of Gmail’s automatic learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to identify messages that you may want to read first.

Something that has surprised us all is that d esde Google have implemented this functionality first in iOS that in Android , but surely will end up extending to Android in the coming weeks or months when they see that it works properly on the iPhone and iPad. They have probably decided to implement this feature first in iOS because there are fewer users.

This functionality can be activated in the application settings , in the Notifications section and by selecting “high priority only” . If you have not yet received this update, you will receive it in the next few days. As I said at the beginning, this is a very interesting feature that we hope will eventually be extended to iOS and the Mail application.

Please leave your comments in the comment box to let us know how you feel about Gmail notifying only those emails that are important to us.

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