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Gmail App Now Lets You Use Any Email Account

Google has just hit the table that will leave no one indifferent. It’s a campaign called Gmailify, in which they announce a new feature that I’m sure more than one person will like, and that is that from now on you can use the Gmail application to manage any email account , without having to be from Google.

From now on if you have a Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo! Mail account you can use the Gmail mail client . However, it seems that the fight with Apple is still on, since they have decided to leave out the iCloud Mail service.

Gmail App Now Lets You Use Any Email Account
Gmail App Now Lets You Use Any Email Account

Many have not been surprised by this move by Google, as it is quite typical for the company to try to attract customers to its platform. Furthermore, Google knows that iOS users are very important , as many of them use their services and applications from iOS devices, which brings them great benefits.

Opening the doors to accounts other than to Google’s mail service is something that some users have welcomed with open arms, but others have not seen it with such good eyes. The fact is that if Google spies on mail in Gmail accounts, they wonder if they could also do it with the accounts of other services.

Of course, millions of people use the Gmail mail app daily, especially Android users. That’s why this movement carried out by the Mountain View company is the most intelligent, since with it they surely manage to scratch a good number of users to other competing services .

At the moment this feature is only available in the Android Gmail app, while iOS device users will have to wait a little longer, although it is expected that Google will soon release the update to include it . In the meantime, you can get it for free from the App Store or by clicking on the link below, for both iPhone and iPad.

Are you planning to sign up for Gmail and use the Gmail app to manage all your mail accounts?

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