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Glide, the First Video Message App for Apple Watch

Do you know the application Glide for iPhone? It recently received an update adding support for Apple Watch , thus becoming the first real-time video message application for the smart clock from the Bite Apple company.

The Glide app allows us to capture videos up to 5 minutes long and preview them before sending them to our friends or family. When we receive a video, it will allow us to respond directly from our iPhone or send quick response messages on Apple Watch.

Glide will offer a new way to experience instant messaging on Apple Watch

Glide, the First Video Message App for Apple Watch
Glide, the First Video Message App for Apple Watch

The Glide app for Apple Watch will include other interesting features such as notifications when our friends send us videos, messages or photos without having to take out our iPhone, and the option to access missed events, chats and more.

In fact, the Glide application already allows us to play a preview of the video messages from our iPhone to our Apple Watch , these being fully optimised for the small screen of the smartwatch.

But to see the videos in their entirety we must use the iOS smartphone application. This is where the new compatibility of Glide with Apple Watch comes in, since it will allow us to continue watching the videos in their natural resolution on the iPhone in a matter of moments.

Glide on video

I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing how the Glide app works on an Apple Watch, right? Don’t wait any longer and play the following video to find out how it works and all the features it comes with:

The new version of Glide specially designed for the Apple Watch also features support for emojis and a answer dictation function to answer videos you send us.

Ari Roisman, CEO of Glide, spoke about this update as follows:

Download Glide

Get the iPhone version from this download button:

Although the first generation of Apple Watch does not have a built-in camera , the Glide application is the closest thing to video calling that we will find, at least for the time being.

But, according to information on iDownloadblog, if Apple continues to grow and pay attention to its new jewel (the Apple Watch) it is very likely that the next model will insert a camera, and with it, Skype, FaceTime, Vine and a new version of Glide will arrive. What do you think about this application? Do you think it will be possible to make video calls from A pple Watch in the near future?

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