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Glassesoff, improve your eyesight with this iOS application

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That an application can improve your eyesight? One of the main causes of visual fatigue, potentially causing the need for glasses, is the backlit screens . There are many applications that promise and … But who would have thought that it would help us to improve our sight.

If, at first glance, you think that a smartphone application can help improve your eyesight, it’s at least strange. But it seems there have been studies on the application that have perceived improvements in the eyesight of its users. Especially among users between the ages of 40 and 60.

Glassesoff, improve your eyesight with this iOS applicationGlassesoff, improve your eyesight with this iOS application

The application mainly helps those users who have complications viewing objects up close , such as when reading a book. The application prepares fifteen-minute training sessions for us, three times a week. Glassesoff uses various ophthalmological techniques to exercise our vision.

The application is free for three weeks you can use the application without any restrictions. After this time we will be able to contract the possibility of using the application every four months at a price of $59.

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