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Glass chassis? Apple could say goodbye to aluminum on the iPhone

Just when we thought we’d seen everything in terms of iPhone design, Jony Ive’s team would have a ‘One more thing’ ready and waiting. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Secutiries, the next iPhone could do without aluminium in its chassis , and instead opt for glass on its entire surface . It should be noted that this prediction does not refer to the iPhone 7 which, as we hope, will be presented this year, but to the model that Apple will present next year .

Kuo hasn’t specified what exactly he means when he talks about a chassis made entirely of glass, but he gives us a hint with another ‘pearl’ that the analyst has left on the table: the new iPhone, besides leaving behind the aluminium in its chassis, would have a curved glass in its front , very similar to the one that the Galaxy S Edge looks like (both 6 and 7).

Glass chassis? Apple could say goodbye to aluminum on the iPhone
Glass chassis? Apple could say goodbye to aluminum on the iPhone

The analyst continued by detailing that Californians still have their finger on the pulse of the size war, and this new iPhone would raise the screen to 5.8 inches , in a glass, as we have advanced, that would be curved. In this forecast by the well-known analyst from KGI Securities, the new terminal would completely change the design over the previous model that would be presented this year, from which a new format is also expected. As 9to5Mac points out, this launch would completely change the firm’s strategy of renewing the device every two years.

The analyst specifies that with this new design he would help Apple to “strengthen its competitiveness” against the new devices that its rivals are presenting. On the other hand, this new glazed format would also differentiate Apple’s offer from its rivals, as Kuo points out in his analysis. KGI’s report also notes that some investors fear that a glass chassis could be fragile when dropped or scratched, but the analyst runs to explain that this design would not be “problematic” when dropped.


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