Gladys is the missing link you needed on your iPad. App of the week

Gladys para iOS, gratuita.

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With the arrival of iOS 11, a new range of possibilities in the form of productivity apps has landed on the iPad. One of them is called Gladys and brings with it an old acquaintance of Mac apps: the multipurpose “drawers”. An app to simplify and speed up our handling of iOS on the iPad similar to Yoink.

An intermediary for your iPad

Gladys is the missing link you needed on your iPad. App of the week
Gladys is the missing link you needed on your iPad. App of the week

iOS 11 has been a quantum leap for the iPad. This update exploits the possibilities of the iPad Pro as well as the iPad 2017 to multitask. However, if you are an advanced user this may not be enough. This is where Gladys comes in.

I’ve been using it as a repository on my iPhone for a few days and recently on an iPad Pro. It is on this last device where Gladys’ utility increases considerably thanks to the new features of the operating system. The video above is an example of use you can make with this app.

For drag & drop lovers in iOS 11, Gladys is the perfect complement

Thanks to drag & drop, we can overlay Gladys in an app and drag elements inside this drawer to use them later in another place. I recognize that at the beginning is a bit messy and it takes some skill, but as you use this app you realize the comfort it brings.

Copying text, adding photos, booking links, saving contacts, and other bits and pieces for later use is a pretty cool feature if you’re planning to work more with your iPad. Especially if it’s a Pro model.

File Integration and .zip function for iOS

If that’s not enough, Gladys has two other aces up her sleeve that you almost certainly haven’t seen before in a single app. The first is its integration with Files, the app Apple has designed to bring all cloud storage service providers together in one place.

Gladys can appear in this app, placing herself at the level of iCloud Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. This way, you can move files and snippets from one service to another very easily. Gladys also has the possibility of syncing files between devices through iCloud, although if you are used to handle photos and heavy videos you will need a good internet connection.

The second ace is this: you can group all the elements saved in Gladys in a .zip file to send it later wherever you want. As shown in the video, you just have to access the settings, where you will see a rectangle that you can drag to share.

Gladys is a free utility with a single restriction. For a small purchase of 1.09 euros, you can store all the items you want. Without any additional subscription. For this price and seeing the quality and pace of updates of this app, it is worth buying this in-app purchase just to support its developer , Pavlos Tsochantaris.

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