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Gives a second life to the iMac G4 making it a fully functional lamp

One of Apple’s most iconic design computers is the iMac G4. Launched in 2002 until 2004, earned the nickname “iMac light bulb” because of its similarity to a . The LCD panel was mounted on an adjustable arm on a semi-spherical base that contained all the mechanical parts, such as the optical disk drive and a fourth generation PowerPC G4 74xx processor, in addition to the hard disk and motherboard.

Its design is so striking that it is on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Using an iMac G4 as a work or entertainment device today is complicated by the age of its components and outdated software. Unless we want it as a piece of decoration, it can be used very little. However, the owner of one of these computers has transformed it into a lamp.

Gives a second life to the iMac G4 making it a fully functional lamp
Gives a second life to the iMac G4 making it a fully functional lamp

A MacRumors reader shared in the website forums the result of the transformation of an iMac G4 into a table lamp with several photographs from different angles so that his work could be appreciated. For anyone with an iMac G4 in their possession, he described the process.

According to Hughmac , during the transformation he destroyed the equipment, and broke the RAM module and damaged the motherboard . He gutted the rest of the components and disassembled the monitor, cutting the back part of it into a flower shape. He used one of the light bulbs he had at home to check how it looked.

At AppleA designer imagines what the iMac G4 will look like in 2019: Borderless OLED display, touch keyboard, and metal body.

Then he got on with the wiring. He had to run it through the back of his neck because he couldn’t find a way to separate it without the spring coming out. By damaging the motherboard he couldn’t use the original switch , so he used an old one from a vacuum cleaner. It ensures that the neck still works and can direct the light to the desired point.

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