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Give me back my Apple connections

There has been much discussion about Apple abandoning certain ports in several of its products launched over the last year , and so today in Applesupportphonenumber we give you our opinion on the subject.

Three months ago, I decided to renew my electronic equipment and purchase two Apple products, to update myself on the subject . I left my iPhone 6S and Sony VAIO to buy two more current and powerful handsets with the Apple logo.

Give me back my Apple connections
Give me back my Apple connections

At the time, I decided to buy the most powerful terminals of the apple, on the one hand the iPhone 7 Pus and on the other hand the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar technology . After this time, the truth is that in terms of power, performance, updates or user experience I haven’t had any problems with both terminals.

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When I bought both devices, I already knew the criticism of the users about the lack of some connection , but as a lover of the Apple products, I could do little when I saw in my hands the two new renewals of the previous generations.

During these more than three months with the iPhone and after much testing, I miss the headphone port too much . It should come as no surprise, when I tell you that I am so passionate about music, that I am a premium user of the Spotify service. Many times while I’m studying or working I hear music that unfortunately I can’t carry through my headphones because the handset is charging.

At first this problem didn’t seem like one, but as time went by and seeing that the competition doesn’t need to eliminate the port to keep creating level smartphones, I wonder why Apple decided to eliminate this connection in order to make the user experience worse in my opinion.

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On the MacBook side, in my case the 13-inch, the disappointment was even greater. I’ve never been a very demanding user, but I quickly realized that I would need some kind of adapter for my new laptop. With only four Thunderbolt 3 ports, I immediately had to buy, of course at the Apple store, an adapter to work with memory cards or USBs that I already had . The question is simple, are users really willing to give up their connections because they have such a thin device?

Hopefully, Apple will be able to realize for upcoming devices that users prefer to go back to details, like the lighted apple on MacBooks or the connections on their terminals, rather than spending extra money on an adapter to simply have a device as thin as paper.

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