GIF Viewer y App Store

GIF Viewer is an album for viewing funny gifs.
GIF Viewer plays gifs saved in Photos for you to share with your friends.

You’ll see the gifs quickly and easily.

GIF Viewer y App Store
GIF Viewer y App Store


– Play gifs.
– Create albums in the application itself.
– Import gifs from Fotos.

– Blocking by key.
– View of framed gifs.

– Slideshow of gifs.

– Speed control of gifs playback.
– The images can be zoomed in and out in gif.

– Conversion of gifs to video (you can select the number of times it is repeated).

– Compatible with iCloud Photo Library (from iOS 9; set to Settings).

– Importing gif files from a computer (shared files from iTunes or wifi).

– Direct gif import (+ key in iOS 9 or higher)

from Clipboard

from a Twitter link

from iCloud Drive or Dropbox

– Export of gifs (Dropbox, Google Drive).

– Send gifs to your friends by email.
– Send gifs directly to Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and QQ.
– After converting a gif to video, you can upload it to Instagram and Facebook.



Twitter : https:/twitter.comgifviewer

Facebook https:/www.facebook.comgifviewer

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