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Get Trackpad Mode on iPhone 6S and iPads on older models

In one of the iOS 9 betas, Apple gave us the chance to test the new Trackpad feature – which would bring the latest major iOS update to date under our arm – on most future upgradeable devices, including the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. With a simple two-finger swipe of the keyboard, this feature would allow you to select, edit, and move text more smoothly, or to move the cursor between characters. A function that may seem secondary before using it, but very important once tested.

This feature disappeared in subsequent updates, limiting the supported models to all iPads upgraded to iOS 9, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Something several of us have missed quite a bit since then. But there is a way to recover it, through the Jailbreak, thanks to the developer Creatix.

Get Trackpad Mode on iPhone 6S and iPads on older modelsGet Trackpad Mode on iPhone 6S and iPads on older models

As we have seen before, we must have Cydia installed on our device in order to achieve our purpose.

  1. We opened Cydia.
  2. We access Fuentes.
  3. We selected the option to Edit.
  4. We marked Add.
  5. Enter the source http:/ and click on Add.
  6. Once the repo is added, press the Search button on the bottom navigation bar and type in the Motus search engine. This is the tweak that will allow us to turn our keyboard into a Trackpad.
  7. We marked Modify and finally Install.

Once the steps have been completed, Motus will start working immediately , so we will have the Trackpad function available on our device. To activate the function in our keyboard, Creatix tells us that with a single or two finger tap on the keyboard, we’ll invoke the mode in which our keyboard is dimmed, allowing us to make -through two-finger gestures- movements of our cursor, select, edit or move the text we want.

It should be noted that this great tweak called Motus, can be found for free . It can be an incentive for someone who is looking for excuses to do Jailbreak on their device.

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