Get the wallpapers of the Apple TV advertising campaign

As we have already seen in a recently published article, Apple is running a new advertising campaign , only in the United States for the time being. This campaign is being carried out, in the streets of different parts of the American country, in the form of large posters on various buildings and billboards.

These first posters have as their background the classic colour stripes of old televisions – those that served to indicate the beginning or end of a programme – and in the centre the Apple TV logo.

Get the wallpapers of the Apple TV advertising campaign
Get the wallpapers of the Apple TV advertising campaign

Everything seems to point to the fact that Apple will take this campaign further, and that this fourth generation of Apple TV – a device that has always been in the background in Cupertino’s product line – has become a star product, and as such, will be one of the great promoted in these coming dates .

You may already have your Apple TV device, or you may have it in mind to order it for Christmas, or you may simply not be interested in the device, but its original advertising campaign . In this article you can download the wallpapers – adapted to the different models of iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, iPad Pro and Macs in high quality.

These backgrounds can be found in two versions adapted to each device : one version where you can find the wallpaper as well as the advertising poster – with the coloured stripes background and the Apple TV logo – or another version where you can only enjoy the background without the official Apple TV logo.

Finally, remember that in Applesupportphonenumber, in the wallpaper section , you can find a wide variety of wallpapers. If these don’t catch your attention enough, you can always drop by this section where you will find some more.

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