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Get the new iPhone SE 2020 at £50 off, face

439 euros

Esta oferta en el iPhone SE está disponible en AliExpress Plaza, una tienda situada en España que nos garantiza dispositivos completamente nuevos y originales, un envío muy rápido en menos de 3 días y una garantía de dos años , es como si compraras en cualquier otra tienda online como Amazon.

Get the new iPhone SE 2020 at £50 off, face
Get the new iPhone SE 2020 at £50 off, face

El precio oficial del iPhone SE que ha marcado Apple es de 489 euros, con el procesador A13 Bionic de los iPhone 11 Pro y compartiendo muchas de sus funciones. Ahora puede ser tuyo por solo 439 euros por tiempo limitado, es decir 50 euros de descuento respecto a su precio oficial. Sin embargo es imposible saber cuánto va a durar esta oferta activa, es más que probable que las unidades se agoten pronto a este precio.

Comprar iPhone SE
The iPhone SE has just arrived on the market a few weeks ago promising incredible performance thanks to the iPhone 11 Pro’s A13 Bionic processor and at least 4 or 5 assured software updates. This means that the iPhone SE 2020 can easily last you 5 years , and all for a much more affordable price than the rest of Apple’s iPhones.

However, and this was something we didn’t think would happen so soon, the iPhone SE is selling at many times below its official price thanks to temporary promotions. And today we bring you an offer you can’t pass up if you were thinking of buying the new iPhone SE, a 50 euro discount that lowers its price like never before.

The iPhone SE is the cheap Apple iPhone , designed for those who do not need large screens or triple cameras but who do not want to give up power, quality materials and an operating system that works perfectly . An iPhone designed to last a long time, which is faster than the 1,349 euro Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and which is now at an incredible price by applying the coupon DMarcas50 * before you finish your purchase.

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It’s true that the iPhone SE doesn’t have a trendy design, but that’s probably its only drawback. Besides, there are many users who neither need nor want it. It is a iPhone designed to last many years updated , with a lot of power and a great camera, and all at an affordable price, especially with this 50 euro discount.

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