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Get rid of the Apple logo on iPhoto books

iPhoto is of course a really powerful and accessible application for any kind of home user. Among its many options, in addition to cataloguing our entire photo library, it allows us to create photo books, which come with an Apple logo announcing that we’ve created the book on a Mac. However, we may find this annoying; that’s why today we’re going to show you how to remove it.

If you’ve ever ordered an iPhoto book, you’ll notice that they’re all marked with the Apple logo, both on the book’s protective carton and on the back cover. However, there is a hidden option in iPhoto that allows us to get rid of this logo which depending on the purpose of the book can be quite annoying.

Get rid of the Apple logo on iPhoto books
Get rid of the Apple logo on iPhoto books

In my case, I’ve already ordered one of these iPhoto books several times and for the last occasion, which was for a wedding, I stopped to investigate thoroughly the options of the application to see if there was any possibility of removing the Apple logo, because to me it sounded like it was possible.

Well, I found out that we can find it in two different places. For this, we have to have the book open previously , and if possible already with the photos inserted:

  • We go to the Display menu …, or Alt + S
  • You can also reach the same window from the Options button in the lower right area of iPhoto. There we will press the Book Settings… button in the side bar that unfolds.

Inside this window we will have to deactivate the option Include Apple’s logo at the end of the book , which will make the logo that appears in the photograph that accompanies the article disappear. However, the one on the protective cardboard will still be there no matter what we do .

We can also take the opportunity to set up more options, such as letting iPhoto automatically layout the pages depending on whether the photos are horizontal or vertical. We can even show numbering on the pages , being possible to customize the font, although it’s an option that I don’t recommend in a photo album.

And you, did you know this trick? , do you buy iPhoto albums regularly? Tell us your experience.

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