Get prizes and gifts with the Hooptap app for iPad

The fantastic HoopTap application for iPhone and iPad is now available . What does the application consist of? Very simple, winning prizes without moving. When you open the application you will have to make a simple registration, which to facilitate steps you can also do by logging in with your Facebook account. From here your chances of winning fantastic prizes increase by the minute. Earn points by passing tests and winning games in mini-games, on your own or by challenging your friends. Create a bet with one of your friends, bet your points and double them by stealing your opponent’s. Can you ask for more?

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Hooptap, the app that lets you win prizes from iPhone, iPad and Android

Get prizes and gifts with the Hooptap app for iPad
Get prizes and gifts with the Hooptap app for iPad

The Hooptap application is available for iPhone but you can enjoy it on iPad thanks to the 2x and you can follow the challenges on the big screen. The app includes in the settings menu a guide as a tutorial so you don’t get lost even though the system is simple.

From the Hooptap menu you can also activate the sounds of the alerts ‘News’, ‘Piques’ and ‘Friends’ so that you don’t have to be constantly aware of the application. A button on the main screen will take you to the latest news on contests and prizes.

In Hooptap winning is simple but at the same time very fun . On the main screen you will choose the mini-game you want to play and you can decide which one gives you the most points, but remember that all of them are important and the more points you get the more chances you have to win.

The available mini-games you will find on Hooptap are of many types . There are guessing games, quiz games, the hangman game, the game of finding the pairs, but you will also find direct prizes by sending your videos and doing all sorts of tests.

Hooptap is an amazing application, one of those must-have apps that you have to download from the App Store . The draws that have been made are already fantastic. At Hopptap they’ve given out all kinds of prizes but some of the best ones are

  • iPhone 5
  • Xbox 360
  • Zara’s Gift Vouchers
  • El Corte Inglés Gift Vouchers
  • H&M Gift Vouchers
  • Snacks in Lizarrán
  • iPod Shuffle
  • And all those who are about to arrive…

Hooptap is available for both iOS and Android and can be enjoyed on any device. Challenge your friends: choose the game, the opponent, and the points you want to bet. You can also send them a comment with the bet so that the pique reaches its maximum status and does not reject your offer. Hooptap is a great social network of games in which to get prizes, have you downloaded it yet? What are you waiting for?

Plus, just by installing the App Hooptap and registering for it, you can win an iPhone 5 . How? Click on the link below:

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