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get it for the next 7 days

Ya puedes exportar tus datos .FIT de Salud del iPhone con HealthFit

Apple wants to turn the symbolism of Valentine’s Day into an excuse to encourage you to keep your shape. And with that goal in mind, any excuse is good enough to do so. Starting today, if you have an Apple Watch, you’ll get a notification challenging you to take care of your heart every day until February 14.

get it for the next 7 days
get it for the next 7 days

We translate: your Apple Watch will challenge you to complete the red ring every day of the next week . This is the calorie-burning ring, so the difficulty of the challenge will depend on each person and their settings in the Health application.

We still don’t know what prize you’ll get if you complete that challenge, but we can imagine it: a special achievement and medal in the Activity application and a special group of animated stickers for iMessage that have already been leaked in 9to5Mac. Remember: you will only get the challenge if you use an Apple Watch.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this. In December 2015 Apple challenged us to make a perfect month, in January 2017 we were challenged to fill all three rings again every day for the whole month, and in April last year we were challenged to exercise for thirty minutes to celebrate Earth Day. I think we can now say that these sporadic challenges have become a traditionw.

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