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Get great apps at a great price with the MacLegion app pack


It is normal to see bundles of applications launched frequently, which allow us to obtain a good number of applications at a very low price. Taking into account that many of us already know these collections I don’t usually comment on them except when in the pack some of them stand out as is the case of MacLegion’s Holiday Bundle .

Get great apps at a great price with the MacLegion app pack
Get great apps at a great price with the MacLegion app pack

In the last bundle of MacLegion we can find ten applications in total of which I highlight three that are already worth buying: Tech Tool Pro, Fantastical and iRip .

We talked about Tech Tool Pro just yesterday when we released Checkmate. A diagnostic application that can be very useful in case of problems when starting our Mac or to look for hardware failures. It’s priced at $99 so we’re already saving 50% on a single application.

Then we have Fantastical, an application that allows us to create appointments in our calendar and reminders in a very simple way. It also includes the possibility of extracting the data from the text we enter. Very useful, try it and you will be able to evaluate it better.

Finally, iRip, an application through which we can access the multimedia content of our iOS device to transfer it to a Mac.

But there are also other interesting utilities like Beamer that allows us to drag and drop any video file over the application and it will be automatically sent to our Apple TV; RipIt, to convert DVDs to digital format; Freeway Pro, a very powerful visual web editor for those who don’t want to fight with the code or Code Collector Pro with which to manage our code snippets.

An interesting application package costs $49.99 and is available for 17 days . So, if you ever thought about getting some of these applications now might be a good time to get some that might be useful as well.

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