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Get a free 64GB iPhone XS Max Gold with this raffle

After the presentation of the iPhone Xs Max on September 12th, we were all amazed at the exorbitant price of the new devices, although we are already used to it, unfortunately. D esde Apple5x1 together with we want to give you the possibility to take a 64GB iPhone Xs Max in Gold color totally free just for participating in a draw, which we explain below.

Get a free 64GB iPhone XS Max Gold with this raffle
Get a free 64GB iPhone XS Max Gold with this raffle

It is worth noting that this draw is totally international , meaning that no matter where you live you can participate to win this iPhone Xs Max because if you are lucky we will send it to you even if you do not reside in Spanish territory.

The way to participate is very simple, since we use once again the Gleam platform. Once we enter the draw website which we leave you here we have two mandatory requirements:

  • Follow CDC and CD in Telegram.
  • Follow Apple5x1 on Instagram

It is very important that you complete these two requirements from the Gleam platform and not on your own . If you already follow Apple5x1 on Instagram for example, you must also validate it on Gleam so that your participations are counted and therefore you can enter the draw for this iPhone.

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In addition to these requirements which are mandatory and which will give you a total of 10 entries each, you have many other ways to win entries as you will have seen on the Gleam website. Remember that the more entries you have, the more chances you have of being the winner of this amazing 6.5 inch gold device.

This draw will end in 15 days counting from today, and the winner will be announced through our different social networks, although always before making the winner public we will communicate with the winner through email to avoid impersonation.

I don’t know what you’re waiting for to participate in this draw and share it with all your friends. If you like this kind of initiatives let us know in the comment box so we can bring more draws like this one.

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