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Gestiona tu propia librería de vídeos online gracias a DivX Stash

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Gestiona tu propia librería de vídeos online gracias a DivX Stash
Gestiona tu propia librería de vídeos online gracias a DivX Stash

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There is no doubt that there are a huge number of applications at present; obviously, this enormous supply means that some end up succeeding while most end up being forgotten. However, from time to time, original ideas emerge which, unfortunately, often go unnoticed. This is precisely the case of DivX Stash, a service created by the developers of the Divx codec that will allow us to manage our own online video library.

It is a reality that the absence of Apple in an event of the repercussion of the Mobile World Congress, makes its impact in the event practically invaluable. Nevertheless, and to the delight of many users, the number of multi-platform applications available is increasing every day; and the fact is that there are quite a few developers who, trying to reach as many users as possible, have chosen to port their work to the rest of the operating systems.

Among the numerous stands that we have had the opportunity to visit during our stay in Barcelona, we have been able to find a wide variety of works. But the one that concerns us on this occasion, either because it is interesting or because of the possibilities that it could offer according to the type of client, deserves at least a few lines.

Just yesterday, Rovi Corporation, a company that perhaps more than one will remember for bringing to life the world famous DivX video codec, introduced DivX Stash, a solution that will allow us to create custom video collections online for playback on mobile devices.

Thanks to this service, which has been made available to us in the form of beta , we will be able to collect, organise and play back videos hosted on various websites via our gadgets with iOS or Android and on computers with Safari, Chrome or Firefox. As Sebastian Braun, the company’s Director of Distribution and Analysis, said

How does it work? Simple. After you’ve logged into your Facebook account and installed the corresponding plug-in into your browser, each time you play a video you’ll see the Stash it option, which will invoke a pop-up menu where you can select which list to add it to.

Once this is done, we just need to access DivX Stash, either from its web version or from the available application for iOS and Android, to start enjoying our favorite videos.

The service is compatible with the most popular video hosting sites, including Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion and TED Talks or we can even access the videos posted on our Facebook timeline quickly and easily.

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