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Geopositioning of images in iPhone firmware 2.0

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A quite interesting application is the one that could come out for the new firmware 2.0 of the iPhone. This is the automatic geolocation of images taken by the integrated camera , something that can already be done with some digital camera accessories, although it is not very common.

According to AppleInsider, this feature already exists in the developing version of the firmware 2.0, which offers the user the possibility to geolocate the capture he has made. This location is not done by GPS, as this is not available in the current iPhone, but through the location of the antennas and WiFi networks , also used by the current model and that, at least in Spain, I have been able to verify that it does not work at all fine.

Geopositioning of images in iPhone firmware 2.0
Geopositioning of images in iPhone firmware 2.0

It would be very interesting if the location had a minimum error, no more than 50 meters. In the current geopositioning system you are not told the street or even the number you are on, but the name of the town and region. If there is no improvement in precision, what is the point of an approximate geolocation in a mobile phone ? I don’t see much point.


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