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Geometry Dash for iPhone and iPad continues in its new version

Geometry Dash is an incredibly fun and engaging platform game, with fresh and colourful graphics, perfect for the casual gamer as well as those looking for a little more challenge. The game is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. Players have to control a geometric cube shape that moves non-stop along a horizontal platform.

Although it seems simple, the user has to avoid at all costs that his character comes into contact with all the obstacles that appear in his way, otherwise he will have to start the level from the beginning. The whole game is based on touch, both to jump and to move forward or backward, but without a doubt the best thing is that you have a great amount of maps, soundtracks and achievements to achieve.

Geometry Dash for iPhone and iPad continues in its new version
Geometry Dash for iPhone and iPad continues in its new version

Not only that, players in Geometry Dash can unlock new icons and colors to customize their character, they can even use rockets to boost themselves and complete levels faster. It is important to mention that a new version of the game called Geometry Dash Meltdown was recently released, which is a version where you have even more obstacles and monsters that make it much more fun and challenging.

The main features of the Geometry Dash Meltdown include three unique levels to the music of F-777, plus the ability to unlock unique Meltdown icons and colours to change the character’s appearance, as well as rockets to fly through the air and there’s even a practice mode so players can hone their skills before venturing into the levels.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that version 2.1 of Geometry Dash is already in development and in fact is about to be released as an update. There is a lot of expectation with respect to Geometry Dash 2.1 as it is destined to improve and include completely new things. Although not all the new features are known yet, it is known that there will probably be a new spider-shaped vehicle, as well as two new cubes with different coloured wakes and stone-like blocks.

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