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Gboard expands iOS capabilities with YouTube and Google Maps

One of the third party keyboards preferred by iPhone users, is again updated with interesting features. From now on, Google Gboard will offer new possibilities when sending drawings, Google Maps and YouTube videos.

With these last features, the Google keyboard shows why it is worthwhile as an alternative to the default iOS, which certainly seems to think of everything when it comes to sharing content.

Gboard expands iOS capabilities with YouTube and Google Maps
Gboard expands iOS capabilities with YouTube and Google Maps

With these features, you eliminate the tedium of leaving a conversation to find additional content; with a press of the Google button, you just search and send.

From now on, instead of typing in an address, you can locate it on Google Maps in every conversation, saving you the time of copying and pasting.

There is also a new YouTube tab that allows you to share videos and even view various search options, by simply sliding on the carousel of the conversation window.

Another update is a feature called Ink, created to draw freely, as you can do with the standard iOS keyboard in landscape mode.

This update also adds support for three new languages; Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew.

At the moment, these features are available exclusively for the iOS version of Gboard, continuing Google’s habit of making features independent for each platform – and letting iOS release some features before Android. By way of comparison, Gboard for Android can predict full sentences and identify hand-drawn emojis, which are not available on its iPhone counterpart.

Gboard is available for free from the App Store, and you can now download the latest version. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the most out of it in all your conversations.

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