Gary Allen, the most dedicated follower of the Apple Store, retires

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Gary Allen, the most dedicated follower of the Apple Store, retires
Gary Allen, the most dedicated follower of the Apple Store, retires


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Today is a day that apple brand veterans will remember. Gary Allen, manager of the ifoAppleStore and one of the most widely read sources of Apple store news (on the right in the image above), announces that he is retiring to spend more time with his family after traveling to 140 stores worldwide.

Gary has been active since 2001 , when he became interested in the stores that Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson started to open even though the rest of the world only wanted to hear about the products that the company was launching at that time. He called those stores just another product, and the years have proven him right.

Gary Allen has been to 140 new Apple Store openings, including Barcelona and Madrid

Now it is the same Allen who says that the Apple Store interests everyone in the world of technology, even for all those who use other platforms, and that there are many media that devote their coverage to all the news from Apple. Allen also admits that his own interest in the brand has extended beyond his stores: he mentions financial analysts, designers and even architecture.

The ifoAppleStore administrator will be remembered, above all, for his travels. He has not been at the opening of every Apple Store in the world, but has been at practically every opening of the significant Store . In 2011, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the first store, he took his car and drove 3,200 miles across twelve states from Berkeley to Washington D.C. to Tyson’s Corner (the mall where the first Apple Store saw the light).

The Spanish stores did not escape him either . I was lucky enough to be able to shake Gary’s hand at the opening of the Apple Store on Passeig de Gràcia, and in Madrid we were able to see from his Twitter feed how sheer coincidence allowed him to see the coronation of King Philip VI and the pro-republic demonstrations shortly before the Apple Store on Puerta del Sol opened its doors after years of rumors. A trip to the capital well taken.

So after so much traveling, Gary finally decides to rest and keep an eye on Apple’s news from a more calm position. The ifoAppleStore administrator leaves these last thoughts in his blog:

ifoAppleStore will be remembered as one of the best sources on Apple Retail. And you may have been to many Apple stores in your life, but you’ve never been to as many as Gary Allen. At Apple we will miss him a lot, and his galleries are left on Flickr as a proof of all the trips he has been able to see.

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