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Garageband for iPad

One of the most talked about news in this Keynote, evidently below the din of the new iPad 2, has been the new iOS 4.3 applications that Apple has presented: iMovie for the iPad , which had already been released for the iPhone for some time… and finally a new really original application, GarageBand, the popular music application included in the iLife suite, now available for iOS 4.3 .

Among the new features, you can see in the image of the engadget that accompanies the header of this entry: compatible with the Mac version of GarageBand, send by email the AAC of the recording, touch instruments and Smart Instruments , recording and mixing on 8 tracks, more than 250 pieces, guitar effects and amplifiers . …are some of the possibilities offered by this new application, which is sure to be a talking point in the near future . Shall we make a bet to see how long it takes to get videos on YouTube after it comes out on March 11th?

Garageband for iPad
Garageband for iPad

The first thing we see when we start the application is the instrument finder, we press on one and it will fill the screen, for example the guitar fills the whole screen and the piano shows a real keyboard, with the real keys and buttons to simulate the pedals. And the accelerometer on the iPad is used to reproduce the intensity and cadence with which the keys are pressed to play the sound accordingly.

We’ll really need to see and test the application’s capabilities for ourselves, but what we saw in the demo, we really liked. Each instrument they have shown us is different, with its sound and its peculiar interface, it’s as if Apple wanted to simulate how the user would feel more comfortable when seeing the representation of the instrument on screen , it’s really surprising. In addition, each instrument allows a really amazing level of customization , being able to adjust several parameters for a result completely to our taste, no musical application we have seen is similar to what GarageBand represents for the iPad.

And really one of the most outstanding new features is the Smart Instruments , or Smart Instruments you have no idea how to play the guitar? Well, don’t worry, with GarageBand you’ll be able to play anyway. As I said, we will have to finish testing this new experience that the application offers us, but what we have seen in today’s keynote has left a very good taste in our mouths.

On top of that, the recording mode and the editing mode of the recorded audio tracks is very intuitive and inherits the editing capabilities we saw in iMovie for iOS and which we’ve now come back to with the release of this new version of iMovie for the iPad, using multi-touch gestures we will be able to select, retouch and edit any aspect of the recording until we send it by email directly from the application to retouch it later in our GarageBand for Mac or even export it to the iTunes library without further ado .

GarageBand para iPad

We will find the application available from March 11th, in the App Store, for 4.99 dollars official price, which for those things of life, will be translated to 3.99 euros as it happens with the iMovie application that is available from long time ago.

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