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Gangstar Vegas for iOS

With Gangstar Vegas Gameloft has done it again to be on top of the charts. The new installment of the series promises a lot with about 80 missions, a much larger open map – and it shows – better animations and more definition in general for a title that is worth it, with even more weapons if possible and more vehicles with new controls that do not just convince.

The fourth installment of Gameloft’s vandalism and open world series has arrived . Gangstar Vegas was released last week, and just in time to introduce it to our weekly selection of games. This week, it’s time for an in-depth review.

Gangstar Vegas for iOS
Gangstar Vegas for iOS

As we said, we went from the city of the saints in the third installment to the city of excess and vice: Las Vegas.

First impressions

In this analysis I’m sure that the words “Grand Theft Auto” will appear more than once and that’s because we shouldn’t fool ourselves, all the titles of this genre aspire to reach as high as the Rockstar saga.

In the first minutes of the game, introduction and tutorials apart, that will be the feeling, that we are playing any other title of the genre: we enter a mission, dialogue, and the mess. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s another one of the genre and it follows the same scheme.

We will be Jason Malone, a professional boxer who is forced to lose a bout in the third round at the express request of Frank Valieno, a bookmaker. But Jason didn’t count on his opponent falling first… and becoming part of the blacklist. So begins Gangstar Vegas.


Gangstar Vegas is a game developed by Gameloft. You already know that in Applesupportphonenumber we are followers of this company that does not cease its continuous development of games, some of them with a lot of quality like Modern Combat that is surpassed in each delivery.

As we said the game was released last June 7th and has already catapulted in less than a week into the top 50 of apps within the App Store. We have of course tested version 1.0.0, although Gameloft usually makes few updates so we don’t think it will change much in the future.

It is available for iPad and iPhone as a universal application for 5.99 euros. Of course it is in Spanish – the dialogues in English with subtitles – and requires an iPhone 4 or higher, iPod touch 4th generation or higher, or an iPad 2 or higher. You should know that it is classified as a game for over 17 years old because of its content.


Controlling Jason can be difficult but we can get used to it. The game is not a big change from the previous ones especially in the control aspects. At least with Gangstar Rio which I also had the chance to try out. They simply get refined with each successive delivery.

As we said with time you can get used to the controls. To drive we can choose between buttons and joystick . On the right are the action buttons like hit or shoot, run or drive.

As far as controlling weapons and aiming is concerned, is quite elementary, as there aren’t many other possibilities on a touch screen. Pressing on the target will automatically lock it and we only have to shoot.

The only thing I would ask Gameloft for in terms of controls is that they are not fixed. I mean, in other games like GTA or Modern Combat we control them with a joystick but it only appears when we put our finger on the screen, anywhere, so we don’t have to be aware of where we are putting our finger. I think that would be a great advance, Gameloft.


The graphics aren’t bad at all. I’ve been testing it on an iPad 2 and it looked really good. Note that the map is nine times bigger than the previous Gangstar. But they’re certainly up to what’s being carried on the App Store today.

All the characters are detailed and have a unique character. Yes, they could have more polygons and be more defined, but it is in line with other games of the style. The same goes for cars and bikes, which suffer little to no damage after hitting a wall and are poorly defined.

In addition the scenarios are quite dynamic: almost everything moves or has some kind of animation. We can crash into fences or streetlights, which will break and fall to the ground. If we run over someone, they will be blown up, although the movement tries to be realistic, it’s a bit false but you can’t ask for more either. The only thing that can be improved in the scenario in general could be the transitions from night to day, since they are not gradual, they are almost instantaneous but it is not an impediment to enjoy the game.


Being a game of this type obviously has a thread of missions within the main story of the game. As we have said we are a boxer who will try to make room in the city to someday stand up to the bookmaker.

We will seek out these missions wherever the other protagonists who will provide us with work are to be found. It seems to me that I’m not telling you any secrets so far.

The interesting thing is, what else can you do in Vegas? The truth is that from the first moments of the game we can do extra missions. These are for example street racing, street fighting, or skill or boat racing.

Another interesting detail is that you can ask for help before carrying out a mission from one of your friends, but at a price of about $100,000 of the game if we ask E-Man, another of the protagonists.

And finally there is the possibility of acquiring properties in different districts of the city that will bring us benefits from time to time and we will have the possibility to travel to the place at the moment.

Our character

Gangstar Vegas

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Jason will improve his features as we progress through the game. We will earn points for each skill and that we can also spend money to improve it. These are for example the handling of weapons or driving. That’s why the controls we mentioned before will get better over time.

If we drop dead we’ll show up at the nearest hospital with just a little less money. It’s also possible that the police will chase us although the few encounters I’ve had I’ve escaped without any problem since the artificial intelligence of the game is conspicuous by its absence

Purchases within the application

You already know that Gameloft is incorporating the purchases within the application into its DNA. We have analyzed other Gameloft games where the constant offers and waiting times were unbearable, fortunately, Gangstar Vegas is saved, logically because we have already paid six euros for it.

In part it is also normal that they introduce it, they want to monetize their investment that in the long run we know is not profitable, that is why they make sequels in new deliveries and do not update the application. In this sense Gangstar Vegas gets my personal seal of approval regarding non-interference during the game.

You can rest assured while playing that there will be no bouncing bids every two to three days and no waiting times to play. There is simply the possibility that those who want to go faster can do so without any problem by opening their wallet.



A game with a notable if we consider the context in which it is found: one of the first sagas of the App Store in the open world and criminal simulator, not counting Grand Theft Auto which we would classify as port from another platform.

I certainly think it’s worth it if you want that, open world, driving, chases, weapons and violence. As we said Gameloft has surpassed itself again with one of its most important titles, although I think it still has to reach the level of Grand Theft Auto, at least as far as controls are concerned and it is for this section that they have to work in Gameloft since the rest have been approved.

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