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Gangstar New Orleans: Guide, tips and tricks

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El juego** Gangstar: New Orleans** te ofrecerá la posibilidad de mejorar toda clase de equipamientos . Para actualizar un arma, un vehículo o un pandillero accede al menú de tu inventario. Elige el elemento que desees mejorar y presiona sobre el botón de fusión.

Misiones diarias

Gangstar New Orleans: Guide, tips and tricks
Gangstar New Orleans: Guide, tips and tricks

Cada día recibirás un montón de misiones que completar. Es importante trabajar en ello el máximo tiempo posible ya que las recompensas que te brindarán te permitirán evitar realizar pagos in-app para mejorar tu juego.

At the end of March, we shared an interesting collection of the best iPhone and iPad games of the month, including Gameloft’s new release: Gangstar New Orleans .

Gameloft’s new game for iOS and Android is related to an extensive saga of titles such as Gangstar: Vegas or Gangstar: Rio. This time you will be in the city of New Orleans and you will have to help the main character to complete all the missions in this open world.

In this article we will tell you some tips and tricks to make it much easier for you to enjoy the gameplay without spending a single penny on in-app purchases.

Gangstar tips and tricks: New Orleans


There are two types of missions on the Gangstar map: New Orleans . History missions and influence missions. The story missions are represented in purple, and follow the course of the game’s narrative.


Influence missions appear in blue, and will allow you to gain influence in various areas around the city. Both are very important, and we’ll tell you why.


Influence missions are much easier to complete, and will allow you to level up more quickly.


The missions of history are much longer and more complex than the missions of influence. And they will also cost you more energy. However, their rewards are much greater.

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