GamificationLab, Event on Gamification next November 21st

GamificationLab, Playing makes sense to people

What is Gamification?

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GamificationLab, Event on Gamification next November 21st
GamificationLab, Event on Gamification next November 21st

GamificationLab is an event in which we will see how to implement gamification in different business models. Success stories will be presented and we will see how this technique works, which consists of applying game mechanics in non-game environments to achieve different objectives.

In GamificationLab we will be able to listen to experts in the areas of human resources, education and marketing, as well as gamification specialists such as Juan Valera Mariscal, director of people development projects at Abilitae; José Ángel Cano, CEO of Wonnova; Iván Fanego, Social Media Strategist at Territorio Creativo; Miguel Ángel Castejón, CTO of; and Alejandro Sánchez Acosta, Founder of eMobc, among others.

When and where

GamificationLab will take place on Wednesday 21 November 2012 , from 9am to 2pm, in the Oficenter business centre , near Avenida de América in Madrid. The event will be open to all professionals, executives and innovation managers interested in this innovative concept.

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iPadizate is, together with other media such as Loogic or WWWhatsnew , Media Partner of GamificationLab .

What do we get out of this? We offer you a 50% discount when you buy your ticket for GamificationLab.

How does this discount code thing work?

Very simple. When registering for the event, enter the code iPadizate2012

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