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games, controllers, Siri and connectivity as a central focus

Apple TV de cuarta generación, ¿multiplicará su interés entre los usuarios?

Mark Gurman has not wanted to say goodbye to the month of August without releasing more data on the new Apple TV from his reliable sources. Just yesterday we saw data on its price and launch date, and today the filtering is the approach the company can give to its living room player.

games, controllers, Siri and connectivity as a central focusgames, controllers, Siri and connectivity as a central focus

According to the source, the fourth-generation Apple TV wants to start competing directly with game consoles by releasing a catalogue of games and improved hardware for good graphics quality. In addition, Apple will launch accessories to enable more comfortable gaming beyond a new remote control for general use.

We can control any aspect of the new Apple TV with Siri

These gaming controllers could also take advantage of Apple technologies such as pressure-sensitive buttons and connect via Bluetooth. As for the general remote control, it will include motion sensors and use batteries so it doesn’t need to be recharged too often.

Siri will be another major focus of this new Apple TV, to the point where we can control virtually any aspect of the device with voice commands. It will be activated by a button on the remote, which will include a microphone. Finally, it’s clear that the Apple TV interface will be completely new and will run a full version of iOS 9.

The source promises more data before the keynote starts, which is already confirmed for September 9th, so we may have an entertaining wait before Tim Cook takes the stage.

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