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Galaxy Tab S vs. iPad Air in an Ad

Samsung is trying to get ahead of Apple in a commercial led by the New Yorkers.

In a somewhat curious way, the South Korean company Samsung has again compared one of its devices , the Galaxy Tab S against the star tablet of the apple, the iPad Air. The environment for this spot was the streets of New York, where a peculiar presenter shows the two tablets to passers-by, so that they can compare each one of them at first sight.

It’s a war we’ve seen many times before. Samsung is keen to compare its newest devices against those of the competition. In the case of this ad we see how the brand new Galaxy Tab S compares to the iPad Air that has been on the market for almost a year . Technology products usually have a very short life cycle so looking at it from an objective point of view, we can say that this comparison has no place; it would be like comparing a car from the 90s to another one from today.

A spot for the Youtubers

Galaxy Tab S vs. iPad Air in an AdGalaxy Tab S vs. iPad Air in an Ad

The video as we are used to it by Samsung, was published in one of their accounts at Youtube . In the spot we can see how the presenter of the spot, goes around the streets of New York showing the new Galaxy Tab S and the iPad Air to the passers-by. Many of them describe the new tablet as: ” very light “; “thinner” or talking about the screen as “i mpresionante . A curious question is ” Which is the best tablet? and everyone ends up answering ” Samsung “. As usual, the producers would ignore the Apple fans who could choose it in the “making of”.

Galaxy Tab S: Larger, thinner and lighter

These are the three most relevant features as we could read in AppleInsider, by which Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S seeks to position itself as number 1 in the tablet market. If the iPad Air numbers seemed unbeatable to us at the time, congratulations are in order for the South Korean brand, since lowering these figures is becoming more and more difficult to beat in the technological world.

The challenges continue

If you remember, recently in a short spot, Samsung challenged the iPhone 5S to a water test. Days later, some users set out to make that challenge, although we have no news of how the Apple terminal turned out. As many of you know, the iPhone 5S does not have any kind of certification that allows it to be submerged in water.

What do you think about this kind of advertising? Good or bad for Apple?