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Galaxy Note 4 May Be Water and Dust Resistant

The Note 4 could be the next Samsung water and dust resistant smartphone

As we saw at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the current trend is for mobile devices to become more and more resistant. Already in Sony’s models the trend was clear, as they were resistant to water and dust . After the Sony models, Samsung ventured with an S4 Active, a special model with the same resistance and later with the Galaxy S5. Now rumors say that the Note4 could also have this feature .

Personally I seems a good trick to play by the manufacturers , but not as they are currently doing, but to save us those dramatic annoyances that involves the fall of our smartphone or tablet to water or the entry of dust or sand in very sensitive parts such as connectors and buttons.

Galaxy Note 4 May Be Water and Dust Resistant
Galaxy Note 4 May Be Water and Dust Resistant

Probably not many users would dare to put their devices in the water to take pictures since yes, they look very cool and original, but really our smartphones would not be the first to arrive at some technical service because they have taken a dip .

The next one to be waterproof could be the Galaxy Note 4

In the absence of testing the actual strength of the new Galaxy S5 presented by Samsung in February, it seems that this model will set a trend . We don’t know if it will set a trend for the whole market, but it will surely set a line to follow for the South Korean company.

According to the Korean claims, the Galaxy Note 4 will also have this water and dust resistance . This way, the device, which is supposed to be presented in September, would have the IP67 certification that would allow its users to submerge the device to a meter depth during 30 minutes without suffering disastrous consequences for the terminal or at least that is what the certification specification says.

IP67 certification means that all gaps are closed and the surface is covered with a material with a similar texture to silicone . The problem is that the Note range has a stylus that is inserted into the body of the device, so you either make a great engineering feat or you will be forced to remove the S Pen. Something they could simply replace with an external version of it.

We still have very little data about the Galaxy Note 4, but all the rumors point to a 20 megapixel camera and a 6-inch screen that would incorporate a novel handwriting recognition system . The little we know about this recognition system explains that if we want to call our mother, for example, we would only have to write “Call Mom” on the screen and call automatically.

Probably, as the friends of TrustedReviews point out, this patent could be developed much further , but it would surely need the use of the S Pen to write those “commands” that Note 4 could interpret.

Will Galaxy Note 4 finally be water and dust resistant? In a few months, if the rumors of its release are correct, we will be out of the woods.

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