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G-pad turns your iPhone into a Game Boy


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G-pad turns your iPhone into a Game Boy
G-pad turns your iPhone into a Game Boy

We know that the touchscreen on our iOS devices is not suitable for playing certain games. Even more so for those of us who’ve grown up with a Game Boy in our hands. That’s why there are people who don’t stop thinking and have invented the ideal accessory for us: the G-pad, a simple and straightforward silicone case that slides onto our iPhone or iPod touch 5 to give them touch feedback.

It all started at Aws Jan’s house, when he saw his son’s frustration playing with his iPhone at the new Game Boy emulator we all know as GBA4iOS that we talked about in Applesupportphonenumber and that doesn’t require Jailbreak to work. After several designs has finally hit the right silicone and capacitive coating inside the case and two variants compatible with the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, iPod touch 5th generation and iPad mini.

It’s as simple as we said: it slides into our iPhone or iPod and is made to work with the GBA4iOS emulator especially, so we can enjoy all the games of our adolescence. It does not need Bluetooth or connectivity of any kind logically. If any other game allows you to customize the controls there is also the possibility that it can work with the G-pad

The project is currently undergoing crowdfunding at Indiegogo. They want to reach at least $16,000 even though they have variable financing. The accessory will cost $33 in stores but right now you can get it for 13 plus 9 shipping to Spain , and later the price will be increased. It is expected that will start shipping to the first sponsors of the project in August.