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FX Photo Studio PRO for Mac and FX Photo Studio HD for iPad Review

Photographers have a saying: “The best camera is the one you carry. There is no point in having an SLR camera, if at the first opportunity we take the compact camera with us to take pictures. Under this same premise in this entry I will analyze an application for two different platforms, Mac and iPad. The point is that, if we are going to take the iPad with us when we take photos to see them and do some retouching or apply effects to them, maybe it makes more sense to opt for the application for the Apple tablet. On the other hand, if we’re the kind of people who wait to get home to treat our photos, maybe the Mac OS X app will compensate us more. And the program in question is none other than FX Photo Studio, a very simple to use basic photo retouching and effects program that also offers many possibilities and options .

After the jump we’ll see both possibilities. Let’s see if I can get wet at the end and keep one of them. Here we go.

FX Photo Studio PRO for Mac OS X, lots of options to choose from

FX Photo Studio PRO for Mac and FX Photo Studio HD for iPad Review
FX Photo Studio PRO for Mac and FX Photo Studio HD for iPad Review

The FX Photo Studio PRO version for Mac starts with the possibility to import a photo from our libraries, load a photo directly by dropping it into the application, or by going to the last photos we have used. From there, we have the possibility of applying no more and no less than 172 effects and filters to change the look of our photos.

With respect to the editing tools, these are limited to rotating, cutting, or adjusting some parameters such as exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, color, color balance, histogram, enlarging or reducing details, noise reduction, and increasing or decreasing areas in shadows or lights. All this, in the whole image or in a mask that we have defined.

The numerous filters have many options. As a curiosity, there is the possibility of making the tilt-shift effect or images that look like thumbnails with great simplicity. It is also possible to combine results and save them to repeat all operations later as if it were a new filter.

What do we want to share our artwork from the application? No problem, we can upload it to our facebook account, tumblr, flickr, send it on a twit or by email.

The price of the Mac version is 32 euros, the results of the filters are quite good and it allows you in one application to edit, apply effects and upload the photos to your social networks. I leave for the end the ease of use and a very good user interface, which makes learning all the possibilities is a matter of a few minutes of using the application.

FX Photo Studio HD for iPad, the advantage of having it with us at all times

If you’re going to use your iPad to view photos, retouch them, and quickly upload them to the Internet, you may want to go with the device version of the app. The operation is quite similar to its Mac counterpart, of course. However, there are differences between the two. Let’s look at them.

FX Photo Studio PRO

Other options are to take a photo from the device or rescue it from the iPhoto album.

If you thought the iPad version would have less effect, you’re wrong. It has 194 effects, more than the Mac version. And you can also get new effect packs for the app. What’s the catch? Well, a lot of effects are common, but it turns out that others simply involve adding a border to the photo, a background overlay, or adding a ghost or the usual hearts. I’m not saying these effects don’t have an audience, but in the Mac version it’s gone to more “photographic” effects, so to speak.

From the iPad version we can do a much more basic edition, brightness and contrast retouching, gamma correction and Bone. No more playing with the histogram, lights or shadows, or increasing the sharpness of it, playing with the white balance, etc. For that we’ll have to go to your Mac version.

In return, we can share the result in the same applications as in its Mac version, adding the possibility to upload it to instagram or copy it to the clipboard to use it in another iPad application. We can also print it from the application if we wish.

The iPad version costs much less than its Mac version, and now coinciding with its launch it is on sale at the price of 1.59 euros.

Decisions, decisions

The truth is that both applications do their job quite well, applying some effect to some image, a basic touch up of it, and being able to share it with our friends or save it for later. The price of the applications can be a determining factor, since the difference between both is considerable, but the Mac version supports RAW files and images with a size up to 32 megapixels, while the iPad version supports images up to 2048 x 2048.

In my case, if I had to choose one, I’d probably go for the iPad one, because with a little bit of skill the effects can be done with a drawing program on the Mac. And there’s a lot more to basic and not-so-basic editing on the Mac, including the possibility of online tools. Sharing by Instagram from the iPad is also an added value for Instagram users. And an added value, or rather a side effect, is that we can resize or crop images on the iPad with Instagram and mail them out from the app.

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