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FullForce, all iOS full-screen apps on iPhone 5

Cult of MacEn Apple To avoid that strange sensation when seeing two black stripes appear where the application does not fill in, thanks to FullForce .

FullForce is a tweak available only on Cydia, which forces applications to be displayed taking up all available screen space on the iPhone 5 . Thus, if there are applications whose interface is still designed for the resolution of the iPhone 44S, with this tweak we can stretch them.

FullForce, all iOS full-screen apps on iPhone 5
FullForce, all iOS full-screen apps on iPhone 5

Once installed, from the settings, we can see a list of all the applications installed on our device that are not taking advantage of the four inches . This way we can manage which ones we want to “stretch” and which ones we don’t. Likewise, when you start an application that does not take advantage of the screen, a warning will appear if you want FullForce to stretch the application or not.

FullForce is a paid application, its price is $0.89 and it is available at the Cydia application store . So, if you have done Jailbreak you know how to fix the problem. And if you haven’t done it, maybe FullForce will give you another reason to do it.


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