FuelBand developer goes to work at Apple

Nike FuelBand developer Jay Blahnik has just confirmed that he has joined Apple through a Twitter reply to a friend of his. The news is considered fully official. What is not known because no details have been given is what his function will be in the Californian company, but it is not necessary to be very clever that he will enter to work fully in the rumored iWatch.

Jay Blahnik may not sound like anyone, but if I tell you he’s a renowned expert in fitness … not much, right? No, don’t worry, you’re not on SportAdictos. Well, Jay Blahnik, besides all those things, also was an instrumentation consultant in many fitness products from Nike , like the famous FuelBand.

FuelBand developer goes to work at Apple
FuelBand developer goes to work at Apple

Now we hear that he’s starting to work at Apple, and everything seems to point to him entering the iWatch project, which will probably have its sporting side, and this is where Blahnik comes in. Besides, considering that Tim Cook is in the board of shareholders of Nike, for sure this sports company is contributing in the iWatch much more than we could imagine at the beginning.

The first confirmation comes from his own Twitter, where he answers a person who is asking him if it is true that Apple has hired him . His answer is: Yes, it is true. It will be a wonderful and exciting opportunity .

But Nike wasn’t the only company he worked for as a consultant. Gatorade and even General Electric are part of his resume. But will now give up all his fitness activities to work full time at Apple . Proof of this is below:

We already know that Cupertino likes its workers to work hard and be passionate about what they do. Furthermore, one of his female colleagues published a suspicious photo on Instagram six days ago celebrating Blahnik’s farewell with a bar of Swiss chocolate and Mac Life magazine . Suspicious, to say the least.

Congratulations from your colleagues on your Twitter account are countless. What won’t last long is his activity on the Internet, because Apple workers are forbidden to talk about what happens inside Cupertino’s headquarters .

But we’re sure Jay has a lot to contribute to Apple with his years of experience and knowledge. And behind applications like Nike+ or Kinect training is the figure of this man, so an iWatch designed under the advice of Blahnik can be a great product , we have no doubt about it.

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