FTC Recommends Developers Improve Security

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today released a report recommending how owners of various mobile platforms can improve the information they give their customers about how to manage their data. Specifically, this report was aimed at giants such as Amazon, Apple, RIM, Google and Microsoft, as well as application developers and advertising companies .

The FTC recommends that app developers improve their security

The recommendations address such thorny issues as the need for parental permission to collect data from children under 13. The report is called “On mobile privacy: building trust through transparency” , and recommends that all actors in this function inform their clients. In addition, they should ask their clients for consent and obtain a response before accessing sensitive information such as geolocalization .

FTC Recommends Developers Improve Security
FTC Recommends Developers Improve Security

Furthermore, it recommends that application developers should take additional measures to those imposed by the App Store. The report also asks developers of mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows to include an accessible section for users to find out what data they are processing and submitting the various applications they have installed.

On the other hand, the Federal Trade Commission asked Apple and the other companies if it would be possible to include quick buttons that would block data transmission and geolocation. This would prevent unreliable applications from sending sensitive information to the servers if the user does not want it. The FTC emphasizes the need for companies involved in mobile communications to put all their machinery to work to make this world more reliable, secure and robust.

In the coming years, we will see how security on mobile devices will become a crucial issue . In fact, the first viruses for iOS and Android have already appeared, although so far they have not caused much havoc. Many of us have quite important data on our mobile, so it would be no fun if it fell into the wrong hands.

In any case, the Federal Trade Commission is going to follow very closely how the companies involved follow its recommendations . Furthermore, if necessary, they will take stronger measures to ensure that Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, RIM and company take their warnings seriously.

If anyone is interested in reading the full list of recommendations in this report , you can click on the source link at the end of the article. We have seen how many of them are fulfilled in the applications available in the App Store, which gives good faith of Apple’s conscientious work in this area.

Have any of you ever had security issues with your iPhone or iPad? Are you afraid for the safety of your data stored on your phone or tablet? Would you be willing to wait longer for the release or update of your favorite apps, in exchange for increased security and confidence in their content?

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