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Front Row, missing in action after upgrade to Lion

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Front Row, missing in action after upgrade to LionFront Row, missing in action after upgrade to Lion

Front Row leaves us in the new version of Apple’s operating system. From Applesupportphonenumber we review his history and we say goodbye to him after so many years.

As we have been saying for several days in Applesupportphonenumber, OS X Lion is just around the corner and could be available in the next few days . The new operating system has many new features, both positive and negative (more positive than negative). In this case we find one of the negative aspects of the new version and that is the death of the well-known “media center” integrated in the system Front Row .

Front Row was released in 2005, building on the features of the then-new Apple Remote from the iMac G5 , with an interface that integrated iPhoto, iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie services and was used in Mac OS X 10.4 and later in the first version of Apple TV.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Front Row became what we know today, with the release of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), which provided us with a new interface , and some improvements that had already been integrated into Apple TV, such as the addition of podcasts and TV shows . In addition, a new architecture was added that supported third party plug-ins, allowing us, among other things, to install some codecs that QuickTime is not able to recognize, such as DivX. This version was kept exactly the same in Snow Leopard and until today it hasn’t had any important updates.

Front Row is not a well-known application for everyone, and probably many people have not even opened it in all the time they’ve been using a Mac. But is a good media center which, if you don’t want to use third party applications like Plex or XBMC, is completely acceptable . It also features the ability to watch movie trailers from the Apple site directly from its interface, so I’m sure many of us have discovered some of those movies that have marked us forever.

So, everyone who installs Lion on the same day as its launch, which may be tomorrow, should open this application at least one last time, so that they can say goodbye to the last application that has left the boat of the apple .

UPDATE: From 9to5Mac comes a way to make Front Row return to OS X Lion and it is simply to add the corresponding files to the application in their correct location. The files are the following:

Although it can be downloaded in .pkg mode from the author who discovered it so as not to have any further complications.