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From New York to China for the theft of an iPhone

Apple and its most emblematic device, the iPhone, is becoming a mass phenomenon in China and everything related to it, in something almost novel . If some time ago we were talking about the greatest madnesses that had an iPhone as their main character and that were largely led by Chinese people, today we bring you a story that is at least surprising because of the repercussions it has had and because of the unusual nature of the situation .

When an iPhone is stolen from us, the last thing we think about is that we will find out who did it, or at least that one day we will find out who owns it . This must have been what Matt Sopera thought when he got careless and while he was having a few drinks in a bar in New York, his iPhone was stolen . Until then, everything was normal, months later he bought another terminal assuming that he had made a mistake when he left it at the bar and he thought that he would never know who the perpetrator was .

From New York to China for the theft of an iPhone
From New York to China for the theft of an iPhone

It must be quite curious that having already another terminal begins to appear in your Photo Library photos of a Chinese celebrating some Chinese holiday, photos of Chinese cities, etc. until the good Matt related it to the theft of his iPhone and discovered who had it and how far the terminal had gone. Instants later, he went to an Apple Store, where he blocked his terminal and wrote an article on the Internet telling what had happened .

The case is that the article was read by a Chinese, who proceeded to translate it and published it in Weibo, the Chinese social network par excellence , reaching more than 20 million people to view the article. Later, Internet users decided to discover who the mysterious Chinese man in the photo was in order to locate him in Meizhou , where he ran a restaurant. Matt Sopera decided to open an account in Weibo to investigate the subject and found himself with the invitation of the Chinese man who had had his iPhone to go to China and eat the typical food of his province . Along with this invitation and the encouragement of thousands of Internet users, Sopera decided that it was time to cross the Pacific Ocean and step on the ground of the Asian giant .

The reception at the Jieyang airport was a movie . Several cameramen and journalists were waiting for the American with a large number of history fans eager to see the reunion . The same meeting took place there, and everything with an iPhone 5 as a motif . Without a doubt, it seems that what Apple and an iPhone can achieve today with the help of social networks and the internet has no limits . A crazy and incredible story more than adding to all those we already know and that have an iPhone as the main character.

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