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From 2020 Apple would use its own chips in the Macs leaving aside Intel

2020 would be the date set by Apple to put aside Intel chips in future generations of Macs and introduce chips designed by themselves. This initiative, which has been taken up today by Bloomberg, would be codenamed Kalamata , which is currently under development and aims to introduce chips designed by them into the entire Apple ecosystem so that they can work together without problems.

This would be a big blow to Intel, which has already seen its stock value reduced by these leaks. The fact that Apple does not request its components would not be a very serious problem , the real problem would be that the rest of the companies like HP decide to follow this path and incorporate their own chips.

From 2020 Apple would use its own chips in the Macs leaving aside IntelFrom 2020 Apple would use its own chips in the Macs leaving aside Intel

If finally from Cupertino this decision is taken, would stop depending on Intel’s roadmap, being able to manage their own times and of course being able to quickly incorporate new features into their products without depending on any other company, something that is always appreciated if you are an entrepreneur. In addition, with their own chips, Apple could improve the integration that they already have hardware and software, something from which we, the users, will benefit.

All this makes even more sense if we also add the new software platform they are developing called “Marzipan” , in Spanish, “Mazapán”. This platform aims to be able to run iOS applications on macOS, which is the same: the integration of both application stores. This could make much more sense if Macs end up incorporating chips very similar to those found in iPads and iPhones.

We will have to wait until 2020 to see this become a reality, although many analysts like Shannon Cross are already pointing to this fact, as it is the most logical thing if from Apple they want to be more independent and that everything stays between them.

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