Friloves is the new 100% Spanish dating app for everyone

In today’s world the applications for meeting people are the order of the day . Smartphones have become a further extension of us even for flirting. There are many apps available and you may not be entirely comfortable with them, privacy controls are something that is important and that often shines through their absence in this type of app.

Thanks to these apps finding love has become much easier, but finding a really useful app is not so easy. That’s where Friloves comes in, an app to find true love, or just a friendship, but with the certainty that that person is like you .

Friloves is the new 100% Spanish dating app for everyone
Friloves is the new 100% Spanish dating app for everyone

Friloves says that efficiency is its main virtue compared to other alternatives in the market such as Tinder. Moreover, it is open to all kinds of people and preferences, being able to choose in detail the profile of the person we are looking for.

How is Friloves different from other apps?

It can be said that Friloves is one of the most complete dating applications , since it integrates in one place many of the proposals of other apps. In addition, it has several strengths that differentiate it from the competition, added to this the fact that it is a 100% Spanish app, which makes it much closer.

  • Efficiency. If there is one thing Friloves boasts about, it is being able to find that person 100% compatible with you. Thanks to its complete user profile you can easily find a person who is compatible with you and who wants the same thing as you.
  • Any kind of relationship. Searches can be categorized according to sex, the sexuality of the person you are looking for or are, which means that it is for all types of people and preferences.
  • Privacy. Something very important, only those you accept can see your profile. The rest will only be able to see some photos that you upload.
  • Videos on profiles and chats. One of the new features that stands out the most is the possibility of uploading videos to chats and profiles. This way, you can make sure you’re not being cheated, plus it’s the best way to really get to know people, and don’t worry, your video will be deleted when the other person finishes watching it.
  • Invitation function. This is an option that works as follows: you invite another person (or several) to a certain plan such as an event (concert, food, game, etc.) or trip, but you will be the one who pays.

How Friloves works

The general operation of the app is very simple and easy to understand. The first thing we have to do when we register is to complete our profile. This is a very complete form to get to know as much as possible about you so it’s a section that we have to fill in properly for the search results to be effective.

Don’t worry about privacy, there is a lot of information about you on your profile, but it can only be seen by the people you want . When you see a person you can click on the eye button and send a View request. If you accept you will be able to see all the information in their profile.

Another button that appears when you’re looking is called “Knock Knock”. To start a conversation with someone you must press this button and wait for them to accept you , this way you avoid unwanted conversations.

The operation of Friloves is very simple. We will have several profiles that will be coming out and we will be able to move up and down . If we slide the screen down we go to the next profile, if we slide up we go back to the previous profile. The goal is to find people close to you who are compatible with your tastes, so Friloves will show, within the range of kilometers that you determine, who is the closest person to you with tastes similar to yours.

In each profile we can see several photos of that person sliding left and right and below we have the action buttons . The View button to let us see the profile and the Tick Tock button to start a chat. However, as mentioned above, the other person must allow this as well.

As we can see, Friloves is a complete new application that comes to improve the rest of dating apps by bringing together in one place everything you need to meet people. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it includes unique features like inviting people to a party, to the theatre or to the cinema on the condition that the one who invites, really invites. No doubt an app you should try if you are looking for a partner.

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