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Freedom for Siri

Two of the most successful topics at Apple’s conference a few days ago (WWDC16) were undoubtedly iMessage and Siri. The Californian company announced news for both, although iOS 10 and macOS Sierra also had their moment of glory.

Siri gets older

Over the last few years there have been a lot of discussions between Siri and Cortana, Microsoft’s assistant. On the other hand, there are several videos on the internet demonstrating under which conditions one or the other works best. The overall response to this depends on individual tastes and trends, but what can be measured is the number of changes and improvements that have been implemented in each assistant.

New features in Siri

Freedom for SiriFreedom for Siri

One of the most appreciated news about Siri has been the delivery of the assistant to the developers. From now on, it will be possible to command by voice the sending of messages to users , through applications such as WeChat or WhatsApp. You can also share rides with Uber or make voice calls via Skype.

Another big news was the arrival of the assistant to Mac. It is worth noting that from now on you will be able to search for information or files using Siri , a novelty that was enthusiastically received by a large part of the Apple community. It should be noted that voice searches on Youtube will also be available through Apple TV.

Little by little Siri is growing and its functionality is increasing considerably. Maybe there will come a time when the famous Cupertino’s voice assistant will be compatible with the vast majority of applications, due to the third party development software. The possibilities of Apple’s voice assistant are very broad, and will they surprise us even more with Siri?