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Free Spotify accounts may work on iPhone and iPad

Today we learned that Spotify is trying to offer its fremium users the ability to access its catalogue from their iPhone or iPad. This is possibly a very successful move as it could attract more users to the premium service. Here are all the details and plans that Spotify has in place. What’s clear is that this could be a major blow to Apple.

Having music on streaming for free on our Mac or PC thanks to Spotify is made possible through its free advertising accounts. However, is impossible on the iPhone or iPad , or it may no longer be so.

Free Spotify accounts may work on iPhone and iPad
Free Spotify accounts may work on iPhone and iPad

Currently, to use Spotify on your mobile you need a premium account for 9.99 euros per month. This gives you access to the entire Spotify catalogue without any ads or interruptions. This may soon cease to be the case, according to The Verge, Spotify is currently negotiating with the distributors to change the fees and rights of transmission .

The possibilities and combinations are many. Spotify may allow users with a free account to access certain features on their phones, but I don’t think they will be given all the permissions that premium users have at present. And of course, they won’t get rid of the annoying ads that currently exist in the Windows and OS X versions either.

The iOS platform is one of the biggest and most new users could bring to Spotify , something they are desperately looking for lately. It’s certainly a good move on the part of Spotify that benefits them as well as us, the users. Apple may not benefit as much from this if the rumour of a possible music service from Cupertino is true.

Nothing’s confirmed yet. We’ll have to wait to see if free access from the iPhone or iPad is indeed allowed or not. The fact is that the big music services are coming in strong on iOS. We already have Amazon and Sony that allow you to buy music from an iPhone or an iPad and on the other hand we have Google with its music service online . All that’s left is for Spotify to step up and Apple to show its hand. Be that as it may, the war to take the throne in mobile music has only just begun.

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