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Free Numerical Calculator Application

Numerical: Calculator Without Equal (Gratuita)

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Free Numerical Calculator ApplicationFree Numerical Calculator Application

If you’ve tried to do some math with your iPad, you may have noticed that Apple, for whatever reason, decided not to include its calculator application in its tablets. And it’s a pity, because it’s an app as functional as any other of the same class, which meets the needs of most users.

But it turns out that if you consider browsing the App Store looking for a calculator for your iPad (or your iPhone, if you don’t like the one offered by Apple) you’re in luck: Numerical, a well-known calculator application that is not only surprisingly functional but also free. This is not a small change if we consider that Numerical has been until now at the price of 3 euros, which many would consider high for a app of this type.

If you didn’t know this application yet, you can have a look at it in this video.

Numerical is a calculator like no other. And no, I’m not saying this because I’ve become a fan of this application, but because it literally lacks an “equal” key. You don’t need it: Numerical works with gestures, and you just drag your finger in one direction or another to go back, undo an operation or save it.

Surprisingly for a simple calculator, in Numerical aesthetics is important, and its creators offer us up to nine themes to change the look of the application and adapt it to our taste. This is the downside of the price reduction: the themes are unlocked by a single payment in-app of 1.99 euros.

Numerical needs at least iOS 7, or a later version, and unlike many other applications is already adapted for the generous diagonals of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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