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Free Memory, to free up memory quickly


Firstly, the application is available in our OS X menu and shows us the amount of free memory that our system has, as well as always having the first option that appears in the drop-down menu when we click on the icon: a simple click and FreeMemory will free the maximum possible memory .

Free Memory, to free up memory quickly
Free Memory, to free up memory quickly

Above all, Freememory is in charge of going after the inactive memory sectors of the system, freeing up that part and giving more free RAM to the rest of the applications, although there are those who believe that this tactic is counterproductive, since it should be the system that manages those resources and not us, I can assure you that sometimes it can be very effective. However, it must be used with head, if we want that a certain application can have more free memory in a precise moment, we can activate it clicking in the option of this utility in the system menu. Another option is to use the command purge in the Terminal and control it with the System Activity Monitor.

As I said at the beginning, FreeMemory is currently free and you can download it directly from the Mac App Store .

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