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Free Memory on your iPhone


Free Memory on your iPhone
Free Memory on your iPhone

Although background applications are not allowed , Apple reserves the right to have four of its applications run in this way. These applications, Mail, the iPod player, the phone service and the Safari browser can drain this memory by under 40 Mb , even if you are not using them. With the handicap that the system doesn’t allow you to virtualize storage memory if you need it, which is why we may experience some slowness in some situations .

Free Memory is a program that for 0,79 Euros allows us to free up memory to be used. It marks the amount of memory available at any given time and allows us to close programs such as Safari or the iPod player to free up memory for other applications. It also tells us the exact percentage of battery that is left in the device.

Until now, when we wanted to free up memory on our iPhone ( even some games ask for it ) there was one method, which was to reset the iPhone . This is very aggressive, as it was as if you hot-plugged the power supply to the device. You simply had to press the start button and the sleep button simultaneously until the phone was reset (for about four seconds). This method frees up all of the phone’s memory, but carries certain risks .

With Free Memory we can relocate unused memory in a non-aggressive way, so that our applications work properly, not like the one we had to use until now.


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