Free iWork is not a threat, according to Microsoft

Apple has made a masterful move by deciding to give away both its office and multimedia applications and its operating systems. It has been an axe to grind directly to Microsoft, a company that can only survive with the sale of these applications: Windows and Office. So much so that the people of Redmond have decided to make some statements to defend themselves and offer reasons for selling to buy Surface.

In case you didn’t already know, iWork and iLife have been free since last Tuesday, as a way for Apple to boost its office and multimedia applications. This has been done in part to give you where it hurts most, which is in their pricing policy when selling software . Apple is a company that makes money making hardware and can afford to give away the software , Microsoft cannot.

Free iWork is not a threat, according to Microsoft
Free iWork is not a threat, according to Microsoft

So the Redmond people have come out to comment on Apple’s move to iWork, where they are giving away their office suite to all new customers who buy an iOS device or to anyone who has iWork ’09 on OS X. It was President of Corporate Communications Frank Shaw who came out to defend Surface 2 with Office.

During Apple’s presentation, Tim Cook said that the competition was now in portable devices. So when it came to talking about the popularity of the iPad, he remembered the netbook , those toy computers that the iPad was said to have nothing to do with . Now, who remembers netbooks?

You can see the resentment of Microsoft, and the desperation to sell the Surfaces. Also how proud they are at Apple, where some lose millions for their tablets and others earn and sell millions for theirs. Although the Surface 2 is a quite important change from the original Surface and the iPad Air is just a small change, the iPad is too established a standard to be taken off the lead so easily .

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