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Free iPhone and iPad games for a limited time

Usually we see how some of the games available on the iOS App Store are paid. This often becomes a stumbling block, not because you don’t want to pay for what you order but because it’s a bit risky to pay for a game you don’t know if you’ll like it. That’s why in this post we bring you a compilation with the best free games for a limited time. Remember to hurry to download them because these offers are temporary and could expire soon.

Dark Sword 2

Download Dark Sword 2 for free by clicking here

Free iPhone and iPad games for a limited time
Free iPhone and iPad games for a limited time

The sequel to the mythical “Dark Sword” is here and free of charge. This game is a classic RPG in which you must venture into action battles where the characters will be silhouetted. While the essence of a RPG is maintained, the graphics are very good and the gameplay is very accomplished to get you hooked on this fantastic game for hours.


Download Majotori for free by clicking here

This is a different set of questions than the usual . In Mojitori you will find a kind of trivia with questions on different themes , which you will have to answer in order to get a wish from the witch Lariat. However, if you fail to answer, you must accept the consequences and the punishment of the witch. No doubt a very addictive game with which to test your knowledge.

Boom Pilot

Download free Boom Pilot by clicking here

This is one of those games that we love for its simplicity but tremendous addiction that they generate. The typical one we start playing to make time waiting for the bus and end up hooked. Its simple mechanics brings us a series of worlds in different levels in which we must go destroying the hard drive of some robots from our plane and face the boss at the end of each world.


Download free Ocmo by clicking here

We are not always lucky enough to have a free award winning video game like this one, so we strongly recommend downloading it. But the recommendation comes not only for being awarded but also for its addictive mechanics in which you will have to go through a series of strings that will set your mind at work. The challenges are getting more and more complex, so you’ll get a kick out of overcoming them.

Strike Hit

Download Strike Hit for free by clicking here

If you’re looking for a game that’s simple and challenging , don’t give it another thought. In Strike Hit you will see how you have to go through different levels in which you have to go through different circles with segments until you reach the center without touching the forbidden segments.

Have you tried any of these games yet? What do you think? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.