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free content for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

AMC Networks presents Microchannels , a platform where we can enjoy a large selection of content completely free of charge. The new service is available through its website and also via the iPhone and Apple TV compatible app.

Through Microchannels AMC Networks gives us access to discover series, films, documentaries and children’s programmes that we can watch for free. The selection, in addition to allowing us to enjoy the content without further commitment, serves as a letter of introduction to AMC Networks’ pay channels such as Canal Hollywood, SundanceTV, Canal Cocina, Canal Panda, etc.

free content for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
free content for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

The catalogue, far from being static, sees new additions continuously . In this month of June we have seen, for example, films such as “Acantilado Rojo”, “Primary Colors”, “La pandilla de los once” or “Dos cuentos para dos”. On a documentary level we can see some episodes of “Superstructures”, “Mega Fires, Global Threat” or “Kingdom of Lions”. And to these contents we can add others from well-known channels such as El Gourmet, Más Chic, the Canal Descansa or Sol Música.

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In the streaming scene we see more and more companies, production companies and in short participants that show interest in us getting to know and subscribe to their offers . The idea of Microchannels goes beyond a simple trial period of a week or a month, it gives us access to part of the catalogue that otherwise we could only enjoy through Movistar+, Vodafone TV, Orange TV, Grupo Euskaltel and local cable.

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