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Freaking Math, a Math Game for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

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Freaking Math is a great math game compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini and developed by Bang Nguyen (not to be confused with Dong Nguyen , creator of the famous game Flappy Bird), we don’t know if it will be his brother or some relative, what we do know is that the game has some similarities with Flappy Bird.

In the same description of Freaking Math, iOS users are told that “Freaking Math can make you freaking mad”. Another similarity to Flappy Bird is that in Freaking Math requires a lot of reflexes to get a high score.

Numbers and mental calculations can also be fun

Freaking Math, a Math Game for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini
Freaking Math, a Math Game for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

For a game to be fun, entertaining and addictive, it doesn’t have to have thousands of levels, stunning graphics or a sleek, minimalist interface. With simplicity, humility and a good creative idea you can achieve a fabulous game.

This is what happens with Freaking Math. Its simplicity and originality make it a perfect game and ideal for math lovers. Freaking Math has taken full advantage of the latest twist in extreme difficulty and reflex games that can get on users’ nerves. It is, without a doubt, a new way to create addiction.

But let’s dive into the theme of Freaking Math. The aim of the game is to guess in just a few seconds whether the calculation, operation or equation presented by the game is correct or not . The game is frantic, and in addition to performing the relevant mental calculations, you must also take into account the response time, located at the top of the game.

As you get a better score the game will present you with much more complex calculation operations with higher numbers . That’s what makes the game fun. Casual games of self-improvement and frenzy are very fashionable these days, such as Flappy Bird or, to cite another example, 2048.

Freaking Math on video

Find out more about Freaking Math with this video:

Download Freaking Math

Download the game for free here:

Have you tried this frantic game? What was the highest score you got?

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