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France fines Apple ?1 billion for monopolistic practices


Today Apple received a fine of 1,100,000,000 euros from the French government’s anti-monopoly agency. After another fine on February 7, France fines Apple again , this time, according to the government, for monopolistic practices.

France fines Apple ?1 billion for monopolistic practices
France fines Apple ?1 billion for monopolistic practices

According to the French government, Apple has created illegal agreements in its distribution network and abused the economic dependence of its distributors. Today’s fine comes after several years of investigation by the French authorities.

The government has also fined two wholesale stores for agreeing on prices. The sanction is based on the relationship of the two wholesalers , Tech Kata and Ingram Micro, with Apple. According to the distribution agreements the two wholesalers had agreed not to compete with each other.

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This is undoubtedly a record sum for France , which justifies it with years of bad practice. Apple has told CNBC that the decision is “disheartening” because it goes against “the legal precedents on which all companies in France rely with an order that will cause chaos for companies in all sectors”, and it plans to appeal in court .


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