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FoxTube HD for iPad Get an Update

FoxTube HD for iPad, the app that lets you play YouTube videos when you’re offline without storing them, gets an update and improves two big errors it had. The first one was regarding our playlists and the second one was regarding our favorites.

FoxTube HD is an iPad app that lets you search for videos on YouTube, thanks to its large search engine and autocomplete feature. And you can search your history.

FoxTube HD for iPad Get an Update
FoxTube HD for iPad Get an Update

Manage your playlists : you can rename them, add similar videos and then play them when you’re offline.

Play HQ videos and watch them on your TV screen with the HDMI cable or with AirPlay on iPad 2 and the new iPad.

FoxTube HD allows multi-touch gestures while playing the video , plus you can configure them to your liking. You can also activate the ‘repeat all’ or ‘repeat one’ mode.

Here’s the FoxTube HD video for iPad:

FoxTube HD is an application that has surprised us a lot. The structure of the app when you start using it on your iPad is very basic, but it does the job perfectly. The best thing is the possibility of playback without an internet connection and of course, playback in the background . You can download the app from the App Store for £3.99.

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